Never too Old for Gold

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Sep 302015

Over 50’s Ping pong PosterStarting Friday 2nd October 2015 between 1000-1200hrs and then every Friday morning.

At Waterwells Sports Centre, Quedgeley, Glos. GL2 2AG

Turn up and play £5.00 per session.

Info Tel Nick 07798 558 545

Over 50’s Poster


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Jul 132015


Rules and Regulations


  1. NAME.

The Association shall be called the Gloucestershire Table Tennis Association.


2.1       The Association shall be affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association Ltd.

2.2       The objects of the Association shall be as follows:

2.2.1    To act as the controlling and governing body of the sport of Table                           Tennis in the County of Gloucestershire, subject to any over-riding                decisions of the National Council of the English Table Tennis                                     Association Ltd.

2.2.2    To assist and encourage the formation of Table Tennis Leagues and                        Clubs in the County of Gloucestershire and to promote the sport in   every way possible.


The area of jurisdiction of the Association shall be the County of Gloucestershire as defined by the rules of the English Table Tennis Association Ltd.


In these Rules and Regulations made hereunder:

4.1       The following words and phrases shall have the meaning assigned by this   Rule:

4.1.1.   The Association: The Gloucestershire Table Tennis Association.

4.1.2.   Casual Vacancy: A vacancy which occurs at a time when the normal procedure prescribed by the Rules for filling it cannot operate.

4.1.3    E.T.T.A.: The English Table Tennis Association Ltd.

4.1.4.   Member: Any person mentioned in Rule 5.1, or any official, player or                     other member of a body mentioned in Rule 5.1.2, or of a Club in                                membership of, or affiliated to, such a body.

4.1.5.   National Council: The National Council of the E.T.T.A.

4.2       Words and phrases defined by the Rules of the E.T.T.A. and not otherwise            defined by these Rules, shall have the meaning assigned to them by the Rules of the E.T.T.A.


5.1       The Association shall consist of:

5.1.1.   President, Vice-Presidents, Honorary Life members and duly elected                      Officials.

5.1.2.   All Local Leagues, Directly Affiliated Clubs and Directly Affiliated                       Individuals affiliated to the E.T.T.A. which are within the jurisdiction of the Association as prescribed by the National Council (except those exempted by the National Council).

5.2.      The Association shall without payment of fee accept into Good Standing the following, but no other, bodies:

5.2.1.   All Organisations within the jurisdiction of the Association which are in Good Standing with the E.T.T.A.

5.2.2.   All County or Regional Associations or Organisations covering the area, or part of the area of jurisdiction of this Association which are part of or affiliated to National Associations or Organisations in Good standing with the E.T.T.A.

5.2.3.   The County Schools Table Tennis Association and Schools Leagues and Schools Clubs within the jurisdiction of the Association except such as are affiliated.


6.1.      Affiliation to the Association shall be compulsory for all Local Leagues, Directly Affiliated Clubs and Directly Affiliated Individuals in the County, unless exempted by a decision of the National Council..

6.2.      Application: Every applicant for affiliation shall complete the current affiliation form and shall sign it on behalf of himself or of the League or Club on whose behalf the application is made.

6.3.      A Club or Individual not directly affiliated to the E.T.T.A may apply to be            directly affiliated to the Association provided that it or he is affiliated to the             E.T.T.A. through another body.

6.4.      Every Local League and Directly Affiliated Club shall send to the General Secretary, not later than 31st October each administrative year, a copy of its Handbook including its current Rules. If the Handbook does not contain the current Rules, any changes must be submitted to the General Secretary at the same time.

6.5.      No person or body may affiliate to the Association unless affiliated to the E.T.T.A.


7.1.      The Affiliation Fees for the following administrative year shall be agreed at the March Executive Committee meeting.

Such fees shall be notified to the Secretary of each of affiliated                               leagues by the end of March.

7.2       Date for payment: Affiliation Fees shall be paid on or before 15th November to the Hon.Treasurer.


8.1.      The Honorary Officers of the Association shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman,         General Secretary, Treasurer, Minute Secretary, Team Secretary, Publicity         Secretary, Tournament Secretary, County Umpires’ Secretary, and Coaching         Officer.

8.2       Election: The Officers shall be elected to serve from the end of the Annual            General Meeting to the end of the A.G.M. following. Forms of nomination for the election of Officers shall be forwarded by the General Secretary to Secretaries of all Local Leagues in membership, at least 28 days before the date fixed for holding the Annual General Meeting. Each Local League shall be entitled to nominate a person for each of the positions listed in 8.1. No nominations shall be effective unless received by the General Secretary (or such persons as may be appointed for the purpose by the Executive Committee) within 14 days of the issue of the nomination paper.

If there is more than one effective nomination for any of the honorary officers listed in 8.1, an election shall take place at the Annual General Meeting, voting as laid out in rule 10.3

8.3.      Casual Vacancy: A vacancy occurring during the administrative year shall be filled by the Executive Committee.

8.4.      National Councillor:

8.4.1.   Between 1st May and 15th June each administrative year, the Executive Committee shall elect a National Councillor and his/her Deputy to represent the County for the following administrative year, after considering all nominations submitted to them by members of the Association.

8.4.2.   The General Secretary shall send a copy of the Executive Committee Minute recording the election or the information required by the ETTA official appointment form certified by himself and by a second person who must be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Treasurer to reach the E.T.T.A. General Secretary or such other person as designated for the purpose by the ETTA Management Committee, by June 20th.


9.1.      The affairs of the Association shall be managed subject to the control of the Annual General Meeting by an Executive Committee consisting of;

(i)         The Officers.

(ii)        The person representing the Association on the National Council.

(iii)       Representatives appointed by the Local Leagues on the following                                       basis:

Cheltenham, Cirencester, Gloucester and Stroud 3 members each.

(iv)       The day to day affairs shall be administered by the 4 main Officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, these officers shall comprise the Management Committee.

9.2.      Co-option: The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt to the Committee.

9.3.      Casual Vacancies: The Executive Committee shall have power to fill a casual vacancy in any Office or on the Committee until the next Annual General Meeting.

9.4.      Meetings: The Executive Committee shall meet in July, September, November, January, March and May or as decided at the previous meeting.

9.5.      The date and venue of any Executive Committee Meeting shall be agreed at the preceding meeting.

9.6.      At least 7 days notice in writing of the place, date and time of every meeting         shall be sent to every member of the Committee.

9.7       Quorum: The business of the Executive Committee may be transacted by not less than 5 members.

9.8.      Chair: In the absence of both Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the Executive Committee shall elect one of its number to take the chair for the meeting.

9.9.      Voting: Every question at a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be determined by the majority of the members present and voting, every member having one vote. In the case of equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.

9.10.    Regulations: The Executive Committee shall have the power to make Regulations to cover such matters not specifically dealt with in these Rules as they think fit.

9.11.    Standing Sub-Committees: At its first meeting following the Annual General Meeting the Executive Committee shall appoint Standing Sub-Committees to deal with the following matters:

(i)         Umpiring.(Meeting of this Sub-Committee shall be convened by the                       Umpires’ Secretary).

(ii)        Tournaments. (a) Closed;(b) Open.

(iii)       Selection.

(iv)       Coaching.

9.12.    Sub-Committees: The Executive Committee may delegate any of its duties and powers to Sub-Committees consisting of such persons as it shall decide. Any Sub-Committee shall, in the performance of its duties, conform to the Terms of Reference laid down by the Committee. Unless decided otherwise by the Executive Committee, the Chairman of a Sub-Committee shall be responsible for reporting to the Executive Committee.


10.1.    Date: Each administrative year the Association shall hold an Annual General Meeting       during the month of June.

10.2.    Notice: To call the A.G.M. the Secretary shall give 14 days’ notice in writing, of the place, date and hour, together with the Agenda, to the President, Vice-Presidents, Life Members, Officers and to the General Secretary of each Local League, Directly Affiliated Club and each Directly Affiliated Individual.

10.3.    Voting: Accredited Representative:- Each Local League or Association shall          appoint one Accredited Representative to attend each General Meeting who             shall hold an official Accredited Representative Card signed by the General             Secretary of the Local League. Only the Accredited Representative shall be             entitled to cast his League’s vote(s). The allocation of voting rights for block         voting shall be as follows:

Cheltenham     3 votes

Cirencester      3 votes

Gloucester       3 votes

Stroud                         3 votes

Other Leagues 1 vote

  • Right to Attend: Attendance at the meeting shall be open to all members.

10.5.    Agenda: The following items shall be included:

(i)         Minutes of the previous A.G.M.

(ii)        Minutes of any S.G.M. held since the previous A.G.M.

(iii)       Annual Report of the Management Committee.

(iv)       Statement of Accounts.

(v)        Propositions for alterations of Rules (if any).

(vi)       Motions which the General Secretary has received in writing, not                            later than 14 days prior to the meeting.

(vii)      Election of President, Vice-Presidents, etc.

(viii)     Statement regarding election of Officers.

(ix)       Statement regarding election of Management Committee members.

(x)        Election of Auditor.

10.6.    Special Majority: No resolutions altering the Rules of the Association shall be       declared carried unless the majority of the total votes cast are in favour of that resolution.


11.1.    A Special General Meeting shall be convened on a resolution of the Management or Executive Committee or within 28 days of receipt by the General Secretary of a requisition signed by the authorised representatives of at least one-half of the Affiliated Associations or Leagues stating the business to be transacted at the meeting.

11.2.    Rule 10 (except sub-rules 10.1. and 10.5 shall apply.

11.3.    A Special General Meeting shall transact only such business as is specified in the resolution or requisition convening it.



12.1.    Bank Account: The funds of the Association shall be kept at a bank or invested in a Building Society or other security approved by the Association.

12.2.    Cheque Signatories: All cheques etc. drawn on the Bank, Building Society and other accounts shall be signed by the Treasurer and by one of the following: Chairman or General Secretary.

12.3.    The Financial Year of the Association shall end on 30th April.

12.4.    Auditor: The accounts of the Association shall be audited each administrative year by the Auditor elected by the A.G.M.

12.5.    All income and property of the Association from, whatever source derived,            shall be applied solely to the promotion of the objects of the Association.


In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the Association, any surplus assets remaining after discharge of liabilities shall automatically vest in the E.T.T.A., who shall hold them for a period of six years in trust to pay them to any organisation set up with objects identical or with similar to those of the Association (the E.T.T.A. during such period making every endeavour to promote and encourage the formation of such an organisation) and thereafter for the general purposes of the E.T.T.A.


14.1.    Any Member or affiliated Club aggrieved by a decision or action of a Local League, or a Committee, Officer or official of such League, or by neglect or refusal to do something which such organisation or person is under a duty to do, may appeal against such a decision, action neglect or refusal to this Association whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

14.2.    The Association shall have the power to reserve a decision or action which is in accordance with the rules of the Local League unless it constitutes a breach of the Rules or Regulations of this Association or of the ETTA or of the principles of natural justice.

14.3.    Any such appeal shall be made in writing to the General Secretary within 21 days after notification of the decision or action appealed against, and shall be accompanied by a fee of the amount prescribed by the ETTA and specified in the Schedule to this rule. The fee shall be returned if the adjudicating body consider the making of an appeal to have been justified (whatever the result).

14.4.    Either party to the appeal shall be entitled to be heard by the adjudicating body, both in person, and if so desired, additionally by a representative who shall have been nominated in writing.


15.1     A member shall not do or cause to be done anything deliberately harmful to the Association nor likely to bring the Association or the sport of Table Tennis into disrepute.

15.2     A Member shall not without good and sufficient cause-

15.2.1. absent himself from the Hearing of any allegation or appeal after having been requested with reasonable notice to attend.

15.2.2. Refuse or neglect to answer any question put to him in connection with such allegation or appeal if directed to answer by the chairman of the adjudicating body.


16.1.    For a breach of this Association’s Rules or Regulations the Association shall have the power to suspend any Local League, club, player or official within its jurisdiction,

under the power created by ETTA Rules and subject to the right of appeal provided by such Rules.

16.2.    The ETTA General Secretary shall be notified of any such suspension under this Rule.

16.3.    Such suspension shall be enforced by all bodies in this county, but shall operate only within the jurisdiction of this Association, the suspended person or body being deprived of the privileges of membership of or affiliation to this Association and any Local League or Directly Affiliated Club affiliated to this Association, but not of the privileges of memberships of or affiliation to the ETTA enjoyed outside the jurisdiction of this Association.


17.1.    The Disciplinary Committee shall deal with any allegation under Rule 17.2 of breach of Rule or Regulation of this Association.

17.2.    Any allegation referred to in Rule 17.1 must be made in writing to the General Secretary specifying the Rule or Regulation alleged to have been broken, the name of the member or organisation alleged to be in breach and the date and place of the alleged breach.



18.1.    Any Member, affiliated Club or Local League aggrieved by a decision of this Association, or a Committee, Officer or official of this Association (except the proper determination of an appeal), or by the neglect or refusal to do something which this Association or such Committee, Officer or official of this Association is under a duty to do, may appeal against such decision, action, neglect or refusal to the ETTA Board of Appeal.

18.2.    Any appeal under Rule 18.1 shall be made in writing to the General Secretary of the ETTA within 21 days after notification of the decision or action appealed against, and shall be accompanied by a fee of an amount prescribed by the ETTA. The fee will be returned if the adjudicating body consider the making of an appeal to have been justified (whatever the result).


If any question or matter arising which is not provided for in these Rules, it shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee.


20.1.    These Rules may be changed (whether by addition, alteration or deletion) only by decision of an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.

20.2.    Proposals for such changes to be considered by the next A.G.M. shall be submitted in writing to reach the General Secretary not later than 30th April.

20.3.    All proposals so received shall be circulated to all Local Leagues, Directly Affiliated Clubs and Directly Affiliated Individuals affiliated to the Association by no later than 14 days before the date fixed for the A.G.M.

20.4.    Amendments or Alternative Propositions dealing with the same subject matter shall be accepted for consideration by the A.G.M. if submitted in writing and received by the General Secretary not later than 7 days before the A.G.M.

20.5.    Proposals for such changes to be considered by a Special General Meeting shall be submitted to the General Secretary in writing together with the requisition for the Special General Meeting.

20.6.    Before any resolution altering these Rules shall be declared carried, a majority of the total votes cast must be in favour of that resolution.

20.7.    Voting Rights: As laid down in Rule 10.3.

20.8.    Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 20.1, the following Rules 2.1,2.2.1, 2.2.2, 3, 4- 4.1.5, 4.2, 5.1.2, 5.2, 6.1, 6.5, 8.4, 9.10, and 9.10.(1), 12.2,13, 14, 15, 16, 17.6, 17.7, 18, 20.1, 20.8, 20.9, may not be changed without the previous written consent of the National Council and may be changed by the national Council without any such change requiring to be approved by a County General Meeting; such a change shall take effect on a date to be specified by the National Council being a date not earlier than one month after the County Association has been given notice of the change.

20.9.    The Rules of this Association are subject to the approval of the ETTA.



21.1.    All players who are registered with the Association shall be eligible to play for any team representing the Association except players registered to play for another County.

21.2.    Selection for any International Team or National Open Championship shall take precedence over selection for the County Association.

21.3.    Badges will be awarded at the discretion of the Selection Committee.

21.4.    The playing regulations of the English Table Tennis Association Ltd. shall be observed in all competitions and matches under the jurisdiction of the Gloucestershire Association.


The distinction of Honorary Life Membership and Election of Vice Presidents may only be made at an Annual General Meeting. Candidates may only be nominated by the Management Committee. Local Leagues may submit names for approval by the Management Committee to the General Secretary, no later than 30th April.



June 2011.

Gloucester retain the County Junior League Title

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May 112015
Ed Birt, Ben Roberts and Margaret Pang

Ed Birt, Ben Roberts and Margaret Pang

Gloucester, Cirencester, Stroud & Cheltenham junior’s battled it out in the final round of this year’s County Junior League at Waterwells today (May 9th)

At the start of the day Gloucester were only one point ahead of Stroud. Play went as expected until Gloucester dropped a game to Cheltenham – points were then equal.

The climax was saved to last as Gloucester played Stroud. The tie was level at 2-2 with the last 3 matches all played at the same time.

Some nail-biting games of quality table tennis then ensued.

First game finished with Ben Glover beating Owen Berry. Gloucester then had to win the 2 other games.

Ben Roberts beat Stan Shilton and Ed Birt beat Ollie Philp.

Great table tennis – with a lot of close games.

Good spirit and co-operation.

It was also nice to see 4 girls playing Margaret, Emily, Anna Maria and Mary on the day.

Well done Gloucester!

Gloucester 70

Stroud 69

Cheltenham 22

Cirencester 4

Funeral Arrangements – Ken Bridle

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May 052015

Following the very sad passing of Ken Bridle we have been advised that his funeral will be at 3pm on Thursday 14th May at the Swindon Crematorium, donations only no flowers.

Ken Bridle

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May 012015

We learned today of the sudden death of Ken Bridle.

Ken was a very good friend to many and our sympathy and support goes to his wife Margaret and family.

Ken has been associated with the Cirencester and Stroud league for a long time not only as a player but in his capacity as Treasurer and Tournament Organiser he also organised 1 & 2 star competitions with players coming from all over the south west and beyond.

He has also sat as Treasurer on the County Committee for many years.

Ken will be sadly missed by all who knew him.


County Closed Results

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Feb 062015

The County Closed Championships were run by Cheltenham Table Tennis Association on Sunday 14th December 2014 at the YMCA.

There were the same usual faces of Dawe, Harvey and Griffin dominating the trophies. However it was heartening to see the large number of very talented juniors on display, with the combination of the two providing some excellent table tennis.

Results as follows:
Mens Singles
W: Darren Griffin
R Up: Dave Harvey

Mens Doubles
W: Darren Griffin/Gordon Shaw
R Up: Nick Davidson/Dave Adamson

Ladies Singles
W: Christine Williams
R Up: Ann Barnes

Mens Veterans
W: Bill Dawe
R Up: Chris Price

Ladies Veterans
W: Kim Selfe
R Up: Debbie Quinlivan

Mens Masters
W: Dave Adamson
R Up: Chris Lane

Restricted Singles
W: Ann Barnes
R Up: Chris Lardner

Minor Singles
W: Kim Selfe
R Up: Louis Price

Mixed Doubles
W: Dave Harvey/ Lesley Slack
R Up: Olly Tyndall/ Emily Philp

Ladies Doubles
W: Ann Barnes/Christine Williams
R Up: Jane Leigh/Kim Selfe

Boys U18
W: Olly Tyndall
R Up: Billy Shilton

Boys U15
W: Olly Tyndall
R Up: Stan Shilton

Boys U13
W: Louis Price
R Up: Stan Shilton

Boys U18 Doubles
W: Louise Price/Stan Shilton
R Up: Josh Allenby/Will Wickens

Girls U18
W: Emily Philp
R Up: Rachel Johnson

County Junior League

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Feb 062015

CJL results 2014 – 15

Round 1
Cheltenham 0 Gloucester 7
Stroud 7 Cirencester 0
Gloucester 7 Cirencester 0
Stroud 7 Cheltenham 0
Cirencester 1 Cheltenham 5
Stroud 2 Gloucester 5

Round 2
Gloucester 7 Cirencester 0
Stroud 7 Cheltenham 0
Gloucester 7 Cheltenham 0
Cirencester 0 Stroud 7
Gloucester 3 Stroud 4
Cheltenham 5 Cirencester 1

Warner Shield ~ 13th February 2015

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Feb 062015

Dear All,

Just a reminder that the Warner Shield will take place on Friday 13th Feb, 7.00pm @ Waterwells, Quedgeley. This is an annual Tournament between players representing the Gloucester League against those from the Cheltenham League. Your support of this event would be very much appreciated as Gloucester aim to retain the Shield won last year.

It is always a great night of table tennis.


Aubrey Simons Obituary

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Jun 022014

It is with very deep regret that I inform you that Aubrey Simons passed away peacefully on Wednesday 14 May 2014 aged 93.

Throughout his life, Aubrey was a quiet, unassuming and modest gentle man who also had an infectious sense of humour, but someone who you could trust wholeheartedly – and he was a good, all-round sportsman! He could well have been a professional cricketer having first captained Bristol Grammar School 1st XI and won his Gloucestershire Second XI cap in 1948. However, it was in 1936 that a 15 year old Bristol Grammar School boy travelling on the Queen Mary on a holiday to America decided to enter the ship’s “ping pong” tournament – and won it! Aubrey had arrived on the table tennis scene.

In 1938 he had his first England trial and in early 1939 won his first Men’s Singles title in the Bristol Closed Championships, but the outbreak of WW11 temporarily curtailed his meteoric rise. He was commissioned for war service in India and Burma, where he represented the RAF against an army side in a cricket match which included Denis Compton. After the war, Aubrey re-launched his table tennis career which was to eventually feature five World Championships and 165 appearances for England between 1948 and 1955 with an 80% win ratio. He won the West of England Singles title five times, along with many other Open championships around the country and worldwide and became the West Country’s most famous player, although surprisingly he never won the English Open Men’s Singles title. In September 1950 the ETTA had ranked Aubrey equal with Johnny Leach, with Jack Carrington writing in the Daily Mirror that “these two would chase each other around the tournaments this season”, and sure enough Aubrey’s first success came in the final of the Birmingham Open in October 1949.

The highlight of Aubrey’s career, though, was in 1953 when he played a major role in England’s one and only success to date in the Swaythling Cup world championship in Bucharest over Hungary. The previous year in Bombay he had he pulled a calf muscle in his first match, and at four games all in the final against Czechoslovakia had bravely played the decider against numerous doctors’ orders and only narrowly lost to Kalman Szepesi. However, in 1953 he was to triumph and subsequently rated his victory over Vaclav Tereba that finished at three o’clock in the morning which gave England a 5-4 victory in the semi-final as his best-ever performance. Later the same day, Aubrey won the first match against Josef Koczian of Hungary which set the mark for his team-mates to follow. Thankfully, Aubrey was spared having to play the decisive ninth match two days running!

However, it was as a result of his “twilight” success for his country in that semi-final, that this unpretentious and mild-mannered man from Bristol suddenly found himself the most popular sportsman in the British tabloids and was subsequently ranked at No. 4 in the world. Later that year, he was also the first recipient of the prestigious Victor Barna Trophy which was to be presented annually for the best performance by an English player in the sport.

In 1964 Aubrey was elected the fifth President of the Bristol & District Table Tennis Association and set yet another record by holding that post for an incredible fifty years, and at the B&DTTA AGM in June 2007 Alex Murdoch made yet another special presentation to Aubrey of a Bristol Blue glass salver recognising a record seven decades of playing in the oldest league in the world.

His funeral will take place at 2pm on Friday 6 June at Canford Crematorium, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 3PQ. A reception will be held afterwards at the Bristol Civil Service Club, Horfield. Bristol. BS7 0AT. Further information will hopefully follow regarding flowers or donations. Aubrey will be sadly missed by many, many friends in the table tennis world and our thoughts are with him now. It was an honour and a privilege to have known you, Aubrey. Thank you for all you have done.

John Ruderham